The entirety of your systems at a glance

Use ELASTIC GEAR to measure and optimize production performance. Identify any bottlenecks in your setup and achieve a targeted increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

With ELASTIC GEAR, analyses can be performed in real time even over extended periods – and this across machinery, system or process boundaries. Here, all of the raw data remains available at all times: for sub-second resolution and maximum analysis resilience.

Precise analysis of all data

ELASTIC GEAR makes detailed data inventories available for targeted analyses and comparisons:

  • Homogenization is performed by ELASTIC GEAR, saving effort and costs in the data acquisition systems.
  • All machine formats can be processed.
  • Even complex queries such as annual evaluations can be performed in seconds.
  • High resolution and coverage down to the raw data avoid smoothing effects and therefore misinterpretations.
  • Universal platform thanks to the documented REST-API for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and further applications.

Superiority at a glance

In real time

Results in just a few seconds, even for annual queries.


ELASTIC GEAR provides high-resolution data acquisition.


Equipped for the data queries of tomorrow.


With ELASTIC GEAR as the platform technology, in addition to our OEE module you can also implement your own applications via REST-API.


State-of-the-art Docker container technology for secure cloud or on-premises solutions.


With high process frequencies and scalable performance up into the petabyte range.


All raw data is preserved unchanged for future use.

Future-proof data logistics

ELASTIC GEAR offers the transfer capacity required to make all data available – regardless of format. Once the data has been saved and indexed, it is ready for flexible, long-term use.

  • All raw data is preserved, and logs confirm the seamless, complete transfer.
  • Simpler and more secure than SQL databases.
  • No interventions required into existing systems.
  • Usage of existing data sources

Highest performance across all platforms

Whether directly on site at your premises or via the certified cloud: With its high process frequencies, the ELASTIC GEAR architecture processes data faster than any other interface technology – faster even than the data can be generated!

  • Latest Docker container technology
  • Virtually linear data processing
  • Scalable performance up into the petabyte range

Maximized flexibility for your applications

Alongside superior performance, ELASTIC GEAR also offers the highest flexibility for your specific requirements – both today and in the future.

  • The user interface can be individually adapted in terms of function and design.
  • Suitable for expansion with all of our modules.
  • Can be used as the basis for any third-party applications such as OEE, MES, ERP, MIS, BI.

Time for superior systems

Our Industry 4.0 check list will provide you with a well-founded decision-making tool for system optimization.