Development – using databases for greater efficiency

Whether you want to be able to retrieve data in the laboratory or selectively compare measured values in your development department: Thanks to its scalable performance, with the aid of ELASTIC GEAR you can perfectly network and organize even very large data volumes that are constantly growing, obtaining accurate and reliable responses to queries in a matter of seconds in the process.

Restrict searches to similarities or a specific operating point. Save yourself the need for further measurements by extrapolating from existing results. With industry-specific tools for the development of applications and new products, you can get more out of your endurance test system, load test rig or characteristics test station. And once the product has been launched, all the data can be easily extracted into the product catalog.

All processes and components can be called up instantly

Different measuring stations, databases or other, often proprietary, sources of data no longer represent hurdles that need to be overcome. This is because ELASTIC GEAR networks all the involved data just like a search engine into a comprehensive, complete product lifelog. For example, any changes in the process or different components are thus easy to locate. Thanks to the complete homogenization and transparent indexing, even non-standard data sets (including PDFs, images, videos) or the contents of multiple databases can be readily accessed in real time:

  • or precise acquisition and availability of all data inventories.
  • Preservation of all raw data structures and original designations.
  • Even so-called volatile data is saved.
  • Additional sources and data can be easily added.
  • For data changes: clever automation instead of labor-intensive updates.

Superiority at a glance

In real time

Queries in a matter of seconds deliver solid results for targeted development.


ELASTIC GEAR provides high-resolution data acquisition.


With high process frequencies and scalable performance up into the petabyte range.


With ELASTIC GEAR as the platform technology, in addition to our OEE module you can also implement your own applications via REST-API.


State-of-the-art Docker container technology for secure cloud or on-premises solutions.


Equipped for the data queries of tomorrow.


All data formats and data sources are linked via a RESTful API.

Highest performance across all platforms

Whether directly on-site or via the certified cloud, ELASTIC GEAR processes architecture data faster than any other interface technology. Faster even, then the data can be generated!

  • Latest Docker container technology.
  • Virtually linear data processing.
  • Scalable performance into the petabyte range.

Maximum flexibility for your applications

ELASTIC GEAR offers superior performance and the highest flexibility for your specific challenges in product development today – and for the future, it can help with many different functions that go above and beyond this if required:

  • User-friendly, graphical front end.
  • Application-specific dashboard.
  • Comprehensive query catalog.
  • User interface in your own corporate design.
  • Expandable with all our modules.
  • Can be used as the basis for any third-party applications such as OEE, MES, ERP, MIS, BI.

Develop new strengths based on your data

ELASTIC GEAR is the leading technology when it comes to networking heterogeneous data and making it useful for analytical purposes. You can find out about further possibilities and advantages for your industry with the aid of our Industry 4.0 Checklist.