Maximum design freedom for your application

Respond to data queries from your Industry 4.0 applications quickly and independently of file formats. In addition to a wide range of user interface design options and pre-worded queries, ELASTIC GEAR Core also offers the freedom to master completely individualised queries.

As a software provider (e.g. for BI, ERP, MES, MIS, OEE and many more), this will provide you with access to a huge selection of flexible tools that offer the utmost in performance capability. And, with the agile developments that go hand-in-hand with this, this you will always be with us at the forefront of technical possibilities.

Universal tool with superior features

ELASTIC GEAR Core delivers complete homogenisation and transparent indexing in order to allow you to improve management of different data volumes that are completely different from each other. For example, when accessing multiple databases or in cases where production lines from different manufacturers return non-standardised data sets:

  • User-friendly REST API interface instead of a one-dimensional SQL solution.
  • Immediate linking and availability of all data for analyses.
  • Detailed live insight – aggregated or individual – into machines, sensors, processes.
  • Retention of all raw data structures and original names.
  • Even so-called volatile data can be saved.

Superiority at a glance

In real time

Results in just a few seconds, even for annual queries.


ELASTIC GEAR provides high-resolution data acquisition.


Equipped for the data queries of tomorrow.


With ELASTIC GEAR as the platform technology, in addition to our OEE module you can also implement your own applications via REST-API.


State-of-the-art Docker container technology for secure cloud or on-premises solutions.


With high process frequencies and scalable performance up into the petabyte range.


All raw data structures are preserved unchanged for future use.

Individually configurable’ means it can do more

ELASTIC GEAR Core incorporates all the functions that are also available in the ELASTIC GEAR modules – from snapshot queries (e.g. of individual measured values) right up to high-resolution comparisons over longer periods of time (e.g. annual queries). This means that users have an overview of all today’s key performance indicators at their fingertips, providing them with long-term flexibility for changes:

  • Universal dashboards.
  • Wide range of different display modes for the clearest possible presentation of search results.
  • Comprehensive query catalogue for almost all requirements.
  • Unique ID index structures, e.g. for searching through folders and documents at even deeper levels.
  • Application-related deep learning for smart alerts and autonomous system organisation.

Featuring the technology of tomorrow

In order to maximise the benefits drawn from of all sorts of data, ELASTIC GEAR uses state-of-the-art search engine technology based on LuceneTM. As a driver of further developments, we thus transfer the innovations of the open source community directly to industrial applications.

  • Ongoing optimisation with dynamic leaps in performance.
  • Smart machine learning, e.g. for automatic detection of anomalies.
  • Efficient handling of huge data volumes regardless of format or source as the basis for data-driven approaches.
  • Technology that is open for development and offers increasing potential for highly-flexible production and interaction between completely different system components.

Maximized flexibility for your applications

Alongside superior performance, ELASTIC GEAR also offers the highest flexibility for your specific requirements – both today and in the future.

  • The user interface can be individually adapted in terms of function and design.
  • Suitable for expansion with all of our modules.
  • Can be used as the basis for any third-party applications such as OEE, MES, ERP, MIS, BI.

Your licence for fastest data queries

Even more good reasons why ELASTIC GEAR Core is the perfect engine for your software can be found in our white label licence model.

More freedom for planning

ELASTIC GEAR Core is the most flexible solution even for the highest demands in shopfloor management. Our Industry 4.0 Checklist will help you to identify demand and potential.