Smart modules for your
Industry 4.0 application

OEE – a complete overview of all your systems

Selectively boost your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by using ELASTIC GEAR for the measurement and optimisation of production performance. This will help you to deliver high-resolution queries and analyses in real time even over long periods of time or across machinery, plant and process boundaries so that you can target the identification of bottlenecks. Identify bottlenecks with high resolution queries and analysis in real time, even over long periods of time or across machinery, plant, or process boundaries.

Traceability – fast & complete tracking of product data

Benefit from unrivalled performance to keep outlay and costs in quality assurance as low as possible. ELASTIC GEAR offers complete traceability and transparency for all product processes within seconds. For example, if you need to localise all critical products and causes of problems for reworking.

Testing & measurement – always up to date with the latest test data

Search through test data and run comparisons in a matter of seconds – regardless of how many measured values, components, stations or batches need to be taken into account. ELASTIC GEAR will save all data changes to provide you with the most powerful tools for quality assurance and production optimization.

Development – using databases for greater efficiency

Network heterogeneous, constantly growing volumes of data so that you can use them to generate targeted findings for your development. With the aid of industry-specific tools and an individual configuration, ELASTIC GEAR will adapt optimally to your requirements in the laboratory and at the test bench.

Retrofit solutions – digital transformation for existing systems

Retrofit your production systems and ready them for the challenges of Industry 4.0. ELASTIC GEAR can overcome even obstacles like outdated software, analog or purely mechanical technology to enable you to run queries across process boundaries in a matter of seconds.

Core – maximum design freedom for your application

ELASTIC GEAR provides software providers (e.g. BI, ERP, MES, MIS, OEE) with a huge range of flexible tools that offer the utmost in performance capability. Thanks to the RESTful interface, state-of-the-art Docker technology, and our agile development, all responses to data queries are returned with superior speed, regardless of the data format. In the process, you can enjoy maximum design freedom with versatile user interface design options, extensive query catalogues and the option of creating completely individual queries.