Welcome to the cutting edge of IT

With ELASTIC GEAR, a revolutionary platform for managing data streams, DATA AHEAD is uncovering new routes to success for the digitalised industry. Because we know from many years of experience that a break with conventional approaches can open quantum leaps in progress. And because we have one of the most dynamic teams in the industry. You could soon be a part of that.

What makes us tick

Young & wild

Experience is always good, but sometimes curiosity is even better. So, creative developers and innovative engineers are no rarity in our team.


Whether Linux, Python, Docker, Amazon AWS or Cloud Computing – you can impress us with excellent knowledge in one or more of these specialist areas.


Our agile software solutions constantly adapt to the challenges of the day-to-day working environment. In some cases, this also demands a degree of flexibility from us.


ELASTIC GEAR is unique in the world to date. We are currently working primarily for customers from Germany and the USA – but this is just the start. What this means is that you may be involved in interesting projects with an international flair.


Joint fitness activities are one of many ways in which we support a healthy work/life balance and encourage physical fitness and team spirit among our employees.


The diversity of the benefits of ELASTIC GEAR for all industries is matched by the range of orders we have received. Since this demands expertise and independent action, we constantly promote professional development for our employees through professional training and other “upgrades”.

Open positions

You will find our open positions HERE (only in German).

Of course, we are always happy to receive unsolicited applications to the following email address: bewerbung@dataahead.de