Take maximum advantage of your data pool

ELASTIC GEAR is a superior architecture for locating and using data that is completely unique to date . It is not only faster and more powerful than ever before, but also flexible enough for all formats and sources – even for future challenges.

Whatever data-driven processes you want to control or optimise: As an agile developer at the cutting edge of ‘big data’ technologies, we offer trendsetting solutions specifically for the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Our modules for your applications

OEE / Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Selectively identify bottlenecks, optimise production performance, and boost your Overall Equipment Effectiveness.


Benefit in quality assurance from complete traceability and transparency in all production processes.

Testing & measurement / product testing

Discover tools with unprecedented power that will enable you to network your collected measurement data and will provide you with superior functions to allow you to make full use of the data.


Gain valuable knowledge about your development process thanks to the complete networking of measurement data from the laboratory, from test benches and from other sources.

Retrofit / plant digitization

Benefit in quality assurance from complete traceability and transparency in all production processes.Retrofit your systems and make them fit for the challenges of Industry 4.0 and open up new ways for optimizing production.

Core / OEM licence

Use the full scope of the capable andand capabilities of the powerful ELASTIC GEAR toolset – for your business, or as a flexible basis for your BI, ERP, MES, MIS or OEE software.

Highest speed & performance for data queries

ELASTIC GEAR links all data formats and data sources, allowing you to access them in real time in a matter of seconds. Thanks to its scalable performance all the way up into the petabyte range, this will set you up perfectly for all the opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0, for example machine learning or anomaly detection Thanks to its scalable performance into the petabyte range, you will be set up perfectly for all of the opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0, such as machine learning or anomaly detection. Here, application-specific modules with comprehensive query catalogues and individual design options can be perfectly adapted to your specific requirements.

Success from practice

ELASTIC GEAR has already provend itself hundreds of times in the industry – find out more about the concrete benefits customers enjoy with our modules.

Improve your treasure trove of data!

With the aid of an individual potential analysis or our free Industry 4.0 Checklist, you can find out how you can get the most out of your data by using ELASTIC GEAR. Please get in touch with us directly!